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CMS-Deemed Accreditation
DMEPOS Certification

Accreditation FAQs

What are the requirements to apply for accreditation?

Follow the steps outlined on the Apply for Accreditation page. It typically takes between 60 to 90 days to become accredited. The BOC Accreditation Team can help determine the most efficient path forward and provide pricing information.

What guidelines does my business need to follow to become and remain accredited?

You must comply with all of the standards listed in the BOC Accreditation Standards Guide, which includes the CMS Quality and Supplier Standards and the CMS DMEPOS Supplier Standards.

What should I expect during my on-site survey?

The BOC Team developed the Process of Accreditation video to help explain in detail what to expect.

A site surveyor – a contracted professional who assesses compliance of your business with required rules and regulations – will inspect your business location(s), required manuals, patient charts, and financial documents. During or following the survey, the surveyor may interview staff (W2 and independent contractors), beneficiaries and patients, and contracted entities. Please note that CMS DMEPOS Supplier Standard #8 specifies that the stated open hours must be accurate, and the owner or someone with accountability and authority must be available during open hours. Please be aware that if the supplier is not open, the surveyor will leave a note and the supplier will be charged a return visit fee to reschedule. Additionally, you must have a minimum of five patient files ready to be audited by the surveyor.

What if the site surveyor identifies areas that do not yet comply with CMS requirements?

BOC will notify you and explain any required action items. You will have 30 days to submit satisfactory proof of correction(s) to BOC. In some cases, an additional onsite visit may be required to verify that corrections have been made.

Can I start billing Medicare as soon as I become accredited by BOC?

To bill Medicare, you must obtain a Provider Transaction Number (PTAN). After earning accreditation, apply for a PTAN by submitting a Medicare Enrollment Application (CMS Form 855S), and a copy of your accreditation certificate to either National Provider East (Novitas Solutions) or National Provider West (Palmetto GBA) depending on your location. BOC submits a weekly report to Medicare listing the suppliers achieving accreditation, but BOC cannot influence how quickly NSC issues your PTAN.

What happens when my accreditation expires?

CMS requires reaccreditation every three years. BOC will contact you about your reaccreditation several months prior to expiration.

Once I am accredited, do I qualify as an NCOPE residency site?

BOC-accredited orthotic and prosthetic facilities are eligible to serve as NCOPE-accredited residency sites, assuming they meet all requirements established by NCOPE. For more information on becoming an NCOPE residency site, please visit the NCOPE website.

My business is BOC-accredited, and I am opening an additional location. Should I send BOC another accreditation application?
  • You need to apply for a new accreditation for that site and obtain a separate PTAN number if you will be caring for patients or providing DMEPOS products to patients at the new location.
  • You do not need a separate accreditation and PTAN number if you will not be serving patients in any way (e.g. the location is used for administration, manufacturing, or storage only).

In both cases, please notify BOC of the new location.


How do I make payments and change information on my account?

The fastest and most secure method to submit payments to BOC is by logging in to MyBOC. To update your account simply log in, make your edits, and save.

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